Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wishlist: A CELINE Nano bag

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It is just been a couple of days since I last posted about the CELINE Envelope clutches I wanted, but I guess I changed my mind. I want a CELINE Nano Bag. Yes, I do. I saw it on a couple of bloggers, and I just fell in love. No, it is not love. It is something more. I have a thing for small bags, and everyone keeps commenting about how my bags are so tiny. But who cares?!
The CELINE NANO is a perfect bag for my closet. Though it is so small, it would be a miracle to fit my stuff in there, guess I'll have to compromise. The things I do for fashion.

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I love her blog. Worth reading :D
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I personally liked the black Nano, because 1) I have only one black blag and 2) It is definitely more wearable. I did a little online window shopping, and I found on Celine's website they only have the Mini Celine bag. I don't remember what I saw the last time I went to Celine, but I guess I'll have to check. If you do know what's in stores, please do tell me and cut my trip short. Thanks. :D

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On my wish list too!!!