Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Catchy designs shouldn't be imitations but true creations!"

Tommorow is Ramadan and I am so excited, we are all getting ready for this holy month. :D Before Ramadan, I usually go shopping for new clothes and jewelry mostly traditional. The clothes are Jalabiyat which I will be showing you after I get it from the tailors today.

photo credit: Confashions from Kuwait

Anyways, I have just discovered a Jewelry brand called "KAHRAMANA". I haven't got anything from it yet, but it is available in the UAE (S*uce). So I am going to visit soon inshAllah. Samar Said The designer launched her latest collection for Ramadan which had Arabic Islamic inspired shapes and geometric figures. I love it, and it is perfect for this month! If I buy t, I may wear it at eid too :D

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Midi Skirt; A trend I am obsessing over!

Switch your Maxi skirts to new Midi skirts! I'm currently loving this trend, very girlish, very relaxed. I have seen it on many runaways like Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, and Just Cavalli. And I have also seen it on celebs who rocked this trend!

I loved this trend on Sarah Jessica Parker. She is only 5'4, but she got her legs maximized!

Sarah Jessica Parker - L'Agence - Midi Skirts - Petite - Look Your Best

And of course Miss Ashley Olsen rocked this trend!

I love her look, it is very chic. I love it :D

I also saw her in a polka dot skirt, which I loved on her but probably wouldn't wear.

With a skirt you can tuck a tight blouse, wear a jumper or a shirt  over the skirt, add a thick or thin belt! You can do almost anything with a skirt! :D

My Purchases from London ! - Shoes

Ahhh, I miss London already! But the good thing is I'm back here with the latest fahion news. Let's start with my latest purchases from London. You all know London is a place for all Fashionistas! I went cray-zay while shopping. Don't blame me, London is lovely with lovely stuff. Okay today let's talk shoes!!! You all know I am Shoe crazy! In London I got my hands on nice shoes, but they aren't something special, they are what I consider the "basics".

I bought two pairs of TOMS shoes from Selfridges at Office. I bought one sparkly grey one, and the other was grey with stripes at the sides. I wanted to buy the black sparkly shoes, but there wasn't my size. But I thought the grey ones looked good with jeans and it is so Michael Jackson!!

I saw some navy Lacoste shoes which I liked and it was also on sale! It is for school. :D

And those gorgeous Ankle boots I got from Miss Selfridges at Topshop!

EDIT: Oh sorry guys! I just noticed I didn't take the stuffings out of the shoes ;D

Sunday, July 24, 2011

A day with me in London - Hyde Park

I know, I know. I am guilty for leaving you guys for a really long time, but I couldn't help it. London is keeping me busy. Right now, I'm writing you from the hotel's computer so I am not going to write much except about my days in London.
A couple of days ago I was at Selfridge's so when it was time to close down, I went and bought the delicous macaroons I saw at Pierre Hermes, 7 pieces was for 15 pounds. I also wanted to try Lola's cupcakes everyone loved. I don't recall how much they were though.

The macaroons was so delicous !!! except the one with olive oil. Ew!

The cupcakes looked so yummy! but I didn't like them, they weren't delicous as everyone said. I've tasted better...alot better!

This was just me trying to be creative when taking pictures of the view infront of me :D!

Keep in tune, because I'll post more InshAllah !!!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Everyone is talking about The Kardashians’ Nicole By OPI Collection!!

The Kardashians have annouced their collaboration with Nicole By Opi earlier this year, and images of the 14-piece collection are finally here! Yay! The collection is named "Kardashian Kolors" and every girl of the family created her own shade. I loved Kendall and Kylie's the most! It was all sparkly and fun and I'm all about that!

I am sorry

I know you're probably wondering if I'm alive or not. Well luckily, I am. I've been away for a while, and my posts aren't intresting as before for a reason. I was too busy shopping and packaging. Tommorow I'll be travelling, and I will tell you all about it. I'll try my best everyday to write and post pictures of my holiday. So don't go away, keep in tune with me.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kim Kardashian and her Casual Look!

I know sometimes when we want to wear something fashionable and trendy 24/7, but never know how. Thankfully, there is Ms. Kim Kardashian to show us how we do that!

Kim's signature look is the Blazer + Jeans/Leggings. She accessorize it with statement jewelry, gorgeous shoes, and a cute bag!

Monday, July 11, 2011

In Seven Minutes

I happen to stumble upon a creative line of clutches by the Palestinian twins Dina and Lina Sami named "In Seven Minutes". A line which creates funky, and quirky clutches that will turn your outfit into a fashion statement !Their most popular clutch that is on HIGH DEMAND is the one with a trigger.

Those clutches are very creative in my opinion, who ever thought of a trigger on a clutch?

I also saw these Passport holders which I instantly fell in love with!
Again - Very creative!

If your in the UAE, Go to S*uce now and check out their stuff!

Photo Credit: La Moda Dubai & Savoir Flair. 

Sunday, July 10, 2011

How to wear: Aztec Trend

I tweeted earlier (LINK) that the Aztec trends are getting very popular, but how to wear this trend?
The key is to keep your outfit simple as long as you are wearing anything Aztec inspired. If you are wearing an Aztec inspired dress it will most likely look better with simple pumps and a small clutch, or if you'd like to wear an Aztec printed scarf I think it will best with jeans, a simple tee, and a white/black blazer.


Have you ever heard of the word "Bokja" ? It is an Arabic word for Money box. Recently, I have been introduced to a Lebanese line called "Bokja" a line of reclaimed chairs, sofas, and benches, where each furniture piece is in a rich patchwork of fabric and textiles. I have been obsessed with this line ever since. I am a sucker for bright colors and bold funky patterns! The designers Hoda Baroudi and Maria Hibri use traditional fabrics from Uzbekistan, Central Asia, and other countries. They get inspired from their trips to different countries where they purchase the silks from.

Check out their one-of-a-kind furniture !

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Everyone is talking about Victoria Beckham's new affordable line!

Victoria Beckham launches a new affordable line "Victoria by Victoria Beckham" a new collection of stylish dresses! Everyone is blaming it on hormones but she says “It means that I’m opening these designs to women and girls of all different shapes and sizes, people who maybe want something less tight and clingy and structured. It also makes it more comfortable for during the day. You can wear them with a pair of flats or a pair of heels and they look great.” She also told WWD "These are the kind of dresses I've been searching for, The perfect little summer dress, something that was fun, something that was girly, something that was easy to wear, something that would take you from day through the night." Overall, I am very excited for her new collection and it definately looks like we will be seeing Victoria fashionable clones!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Kardashian RadRingz are available now!

Kim Kourtney Kardashian Khloe Rad Ringz Rings RadRingz order online

Kardashian RadRingz are now available here , It comes in a pack, there is a "K" ring, a "Doll" ring, a "Bible" ring, and another rad ring where you place 2 of your fingers (What do they call them?). I personally think they are very funky, and quirky!

Elie Saab Haute Couture Fall 2011

Elie Saab wowed me again with his dazzling gracious dresses. There were gold, nude, blue colors. Slim cuts, and glam designs on his beautiful dresses. Uh, I love his gowns!