Sunday, July 24, 2011

A day with me in London - Hyde Park

I know, I know. I am guilty for leaving you guys for a really long time, but I couldn't help it. London is keeping me busy. Right now, I'm writing you from the hotel's computer so I am not going to write much except about my days in London.
A couple of days ago I was at Selfridge's so when it was time to close down, I went and bought the delicous macaroons I saw at Pierre Hermes, 7 pieces was for 15 pounds. I also wanted to try Lola's cupcakes everyone loved. I don't recall how much they were though.

The macaroons was so delicous !!! except the one with olive oil. Ew!

The cupcakes looked so yummy! but I didn't like them, they weren't delicous as everyone said. I've tasted better...alot better!

This was just me trying to be creative when taking pictures of the view infront of me :D!

Keep in tune, because I'll post more InshAllah !!!!

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