Sunday, July 31, 2011

"Catchy designs shouldn't be imitations but true creations!"

Tommorow is Ramadan and I am so excited, we are all getting ready for this holy month. :D Before Ramadan, I usually go shopping for new clothes and jewelry mostly traditional. The clothes are Jalabiyat which I will be showing you after I get it from the tailors today.

photo credit: Confashions from Kuwait

Anyways, I have just discovered a Jewelry brand called "KAHRAMANA". I haven't got anything from it yet, but it is available in the UAE (S*uce). So I am going to visit soon inshAllah. Samar Said The designer launched her latest collection for Ramadan which had Arabic Islamic inspired shapes and geometric figures. I love it, and it is perfect for this month! If I buy t, I may wear it at eid too :D

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