Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mutlu Yillar

Just like the Turks Year "Mutlu Yillar" meaning Happy New Year. I don't believe in New Year celebrations or wishes, but I hope for a better year with more chances, hope, and happiness.

Burj Khalifa
Photo source: Twitter

Friday, December 30, 2011

Birds, an Animal Trend for Spring 2012

Manish Arora

Birds is a big fashion trend you must know about! Designers used swans, hummingbirds, and more in their Spring 2012 collections. This is one of my favorite trends for the season, and Hooty's too. : D


Photo credit: Vogue and Elle

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I've got a Crush on Lana Del Rey's Hair


beauty queen.



I'm obsessed. I am keeping an eye on her style now. 

My new Vintage ring

I really try to post every Jewelry piece I buy, but most of the time I am just too lazy to pick up my camera and take a photo. Speaking of photos, I am thinking of sharing with you one of my hobbies that is Photography. Anyways, back to our point. Today I took a picture of my new Vintage-ish ring with real semi-precious stones that I got from SultanAhmet. I love it! The colors are very regal and it will match with everything. I had a hard time to get this for a good price.
Anyways, I promise you one day I will take photos of my Jewelry, at least my favorites. It'll be my next post when I get back to the UAE.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pretty Soaps

(I took the photo, I know I am no  Annie Leibovitz  but that's not the case)

What's better than pretty organic soaps? It was just all a coincidence when I was walking up and down the streets to reach Galata Tower that I found an Organic Beauty Store called HomeSpa. It has Soaps, oils, towels, and pretty much everything. I planned to go back to UAE with Turkish Soaps because they just smell so good. I wanted to take a little bit of everything. So, the cute thing about HomeSpa that their soaps comes in tiny sizes for 2 Lira which is 5 DHS. Good Price, huh?. Well I got 5 different kinds of soap, although all of them was made with Olive Oil. They are Peppermint, Cinnamon and I frankly can't remember the other 3. So, if you ever visit Istanbul, you can get the best soaps from HomeSpa next to Galata Tower. You can check their website if you're interested here!

Say Hello to my new friend

The name is Hooty. Yes, he is an owl pin. He was named after his grandfather Hoot, but he prefers to be called Hooty. He is from Istanbul, Turkey. He lives in a shop in one of the hidden alleys of Taksim next to Galata Tower. We clicked, because he lighted up my dark outfit. Big Thanks to Hooty, Hoot Hoot!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Want a Reemami Spiky Pant?

I bet you remember the Reemami "Spiky Pants" (above) I posted a long time ago on the runway. I mean I do, my eyes were pretty much on those pants.
It was just today were I read an old message in my e-mail about a competition to win that beauty! All you have to do is
1) Like their page here !
2) and Like this post here!

The winners will be picked randomly, so the best of luck to you ladies!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I need me a Jewelry Roll - House of H

You know how much I love Jewelry and I collect them. Problem is, I have to loose a piece or two whenever I got to places and travel. This sucks, because I just love my stuff. You know I own lots of Jewelry boxes, but they just take too much space in my bags (I like to pack light), and I don't like my precious stuff to be mixed with one another. So I just throw everything in with their own small boxes. Anyways, I was on Sugar and Spice , one of my favorite Bahraini bloggers. And she introduced a new Bahraini Line House of H. I went to their facebook page, and I found pretty Leather Jewelry Rolls. I mean I've seen lots of Jewelry Rolls since the time I could open my eyes. But I found House of H Jewelry Rolls much more practical. Some Jewelry Rolls I saw were just too uhhh, what's the word? un-practical and too Haute Couture. I mean it is not what I want and ask for. 

This is what I'd like, Something practical, posh and from my region.

I don't know what color is prettier, I like the pink and the beige the most.
Anyways, If you'd like to take a look at House of H
you can visit their facebook here or their website here !

Burger Wisconsin on Hala Bahrain Show on Bahrain TV

Okay, I can't bite my tongue and not write this food post. I mean it is Christmas Morning people.
Anyways, whenever I visit Bahrain, I have to go eat at Burger Wisconsin in Al Budaiya. If you didn't eat over there yet, you must. Everything is organic and brought from New Zealand.

 It is pretty much New Zealand in a bite. 

 So, Burger Wisconsin was recently interviewed by Hala Bahrain show on Bahrain TV. You should check it out.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

"Lady Dior As Seen By" Exhibition at Huamao Plaza

Dior invited well-known artists to create their own interpretation of the classic Lady Dior bag as a part of their "Lady Dior As Seen By" exhibition. The artists include photographers, art figures, filmmakers and sculptors. The exhibition is located at Huamao Plaza outside Shin Kong Place and ends at January 16. I found it to be very interesting. Take a look. 

Phot Credit: LuxuryShopper, red-luxury, Vogue and Google.

The Oh-La-La Herve Leger Swimming Suit

Hervé Léger 

I was just browsing on Net-A-Porter and I found this Herve Leger swimming suit. It is very Oh La La. That's the only way I could describe it. Though I would never buy such swimming suit, it is just too much of a statement for a day in the pool.   


I stopped at a Shop the other day I found interesting called YARGICI. It is Turkish, and it has everything from Headbands to Coats. I would personally describe it as the better Turkish version of Banana Republic. Very preppy, chic, and trendy.You'd find classic clothes with a modern twist.

Anyways, I fell in love with the furry pair of loafers above. You just know how much I love a good pair of loafers. It comes in three colors Light brown, Dark brown, and Black. I liked the Dark Brown that is above. It is almost for 450 DHS. A good price compared with other designers. I'd pair it up with skinny jeans a Graphic T-shirt tucked in and a cardigan for a casual look.

......... I think I just made up my mind on these shoes.

You should totally take a look at YARGICI's website here ! It is my new favorite shop.


I made a promise to myself a while ago to only write about Fashion in my blog, but I guess I will break that today. It is Christmas anyways. Oh, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. If you don't know this yet, I am in Istanbul. This explains the lack of posting. Anyways, one of my favorite places in Turkey is Bebek. An area on the Bosphorus with cafes, shops, and restaurants.
Today, I ate at KITCHENETTE, a restaurant in BEBEK I wanted to eat in since the first time I visited Istanbul, but my trips there are usually short.

If you are interested where KITCHENETTE is, it is so close of the BEBEK stop when you take the bus. You can see it when you arrive there, you just have to cross the street. You can also find it in TAKSIM.

I tried the TURKMEN MANTISI which was delicious. I just love a good hot plate of Mantisi. My mom and brothers ordered the same dish.

My dad on the other hand ordered Grilled fish that comes with vegetables. It was good too, I tried it.

The fries was hot and delicious.

We ordered Oruz rice, I guessed it is called that, for the fish.

For dessert, My brothers ordered waffles with chocolate and caramel sauce and fruits. They say it was real good. 

I ordered a Hot Chocolate Tart that comes with Vanilla Ice Cream. I like it, but I've tasted better chocolate tarts. 

Overall, the experience there was great. I think I would go visit this restaurant again if I went to Istanbul.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A Kardashian Christmas Card Shoot

Christmas is around the corner, so Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. They say the best things about Christmas is the chocolates, and the shopping. But to the Kardashians It is a whole different story, it's their Christmas Card photo shoots. This year they decided their theme to be a bow tie theme which was styled by their stylist Monica Rose.

Let's cut it to the chase, and talk about Kendall's outfit.

It is my favorite, and definitely most stylish and trendy. So congrats, Kendall ... I usually don't like your outfits.  The best part of her outfit is the top part. I am guessing she wore (It is not written what she wore) a white collar top under a lace shirt with a bow tie. I guess I'd wear this top tucked into jeans with loafers for a casual day time look. I think that's perfect. That skirt is very on trend, but let's say it is not my favorite type of skirt.

Plus, how cute is mason in his outfit? He is definitely the handsome man of the house. Sorry Rob.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Wishlist: A CELINE Nano bag

Photo credit: Google

It is just been a couple of days since I last posted about the CELINE Envelope clutches I wanted, but I guess I changed my mind. I want a CELINE Nano Bag. Yes, I do. I saw it on a couple of bloggers, and I just fell in love. No, it is not love. It is something more. I have a thing for small bags, and everyone keeps commenting about how my bags are so tiny. But who cares?!
The CELINE NANO is a perfect bag for my closet. Though it is so small, it would be a miracle to fit my stuff in there, guess I'll have to compromise. The things I do for fashion.

Photo credit: left:
I love her blog. Worth reading :D
Photo credit: right: TUMBLR

I personally liked the black Nano, because 1) I have only one black blag and 2) It is definitely more wearable. I did a little online window shopping, and I found on Celine's website they only have the Mini Celine bag. I don't remember what I saw the last time I went to Celine, but I guess I'll have to check. If you do know what's in stores, please do tell me and cut my trip short. Thanks. :D

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Your sweater is nice.

A "must buy" for this Winter is a nice sweater, whether it's oversized, fit, or slouchy. Anything will do. Pair it up with a leather skirt  or skinnies for an edgy look like Ms.Olsen or Alexa Chung. You can also wear it with a bright colored skirt for a color block look like Taylor Swift. 

Jason Wu Pre-Fall 2012

I don't know how to describe this collection "edgy" "daring" that is not right. Maybe "regal" as Mr.Wu said himself, yes that fits right. The colors camel, black, plum, and navy is very royal. I like the camel-hair cape, the plaid coats, and the striped jumper. It is perfect for fall, very regal. The sequined collar shirts was a standout in the outfit. The fur scarf, the sunglasses, and the leather gloves makes the outfit a lot edgier, a perfect "addition" to any outfit. Last but not least, is the dress. It is not the dress that I usually like, it is like a gothic praire dress. The red details on the shoulders to the front gives the dress a modern twist. I really like this collection, it is different.