Saturday, December 24, 2011


I made a promise to myself a while ago to only write about Fashion in my blog, but I guess I will break that today. It is Christmas anyways. Oh, Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it. If you don't know this yet, I am in Istanbul. This explains the lack of posting. Anyways, one of my favorite places in Turkey is Bebek. An area on the Bosphorus with cafes, shops, and restaurants.
Today, I ate at KITCHENETTE, a restaurant in BEBEK I wanted to eat in since the first time I visited Istanbul, but my trips there are usually short.

If you are interested where KITCHENETTE is, it is so close of the BEBEK stop when you take the bus. You can see it when you arrive there, you just have to cross the street. You can also find it in TAKSIM.

I tried the TURKMEN MANTISI which was delicious. I just love a good hot plate of Mantisi. My mom and brothers ordered the same dish.

My dad on the other hand ordered Grilled fish that comes with vegetables. It was good too, I tried it.

The fries was hot and delicious.

We ordered Oruz rice, I guessed it is called that, for the fish.

For dessert, My brothers ordered waffles with chocolate and caramel sauce and fruits. They say it was real good. 

I ordered a Hot Chocolate Tart that comes with Vanilla Ice Cream. I like it, but I've tasted better chocolate tarts. 

Overall, the experience there was great. I think I would go visit this restaurant again if I went to Istanbul.

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