Sunday, December 25, 2011

I need me a Jewelry Roll - House of H

You know how much I love Jewelry and I collect them. Problem is, I have to loose a piece or two whenever I got to places and travel. This sucks, because I just love my stuff. You know I own lots of Jewelry boxes, but they just take too much space in my bags (I like to pack light), and I don't like my precious stuff to be mixed with one another. So I just throw everything in with their own small boxes. Anyways, I was on Sugar and Spice , one of my favorite Bahraini bloggers. And she introduced a new Bahraini Line House of H. I went to their facebook page, and I found pretty Leather Jewelry Rolls. I mean I've seen lots of Jewelry Rolls since the time I could open my eyes. But I found House of H Jewelry Rolls much more practical. Some Jewelry Rolls I saw were just too uhhh, what's the word? un-practical and too Haute Couture. I mean it is not what I want and ask for. 

This is what I'd like, Something practical, posh and from my region.

I don't know what color is prettier, I like the pink and the beige the most.
Anyways, If you'd like to take a look at House of H
you can visit their facebook here or their website here !


fionkafied said...

These rolls are adorable! I don't know which color I like best! Too cute <3

Royalty said...

Same here. They are too cute. :D

Anonymous said...

they come with Accessorize once purchased ?

Royalty said...