Thursday, December 15, 2011

Oh those Celine Clutches

It's been quite a while looking for a bag to buy that is totally worth spending on. You know? There is something about me that keeps me waiting. I'll wait and wait for months to find a nice bag to buy, I mean I am not the kind of girl who'll spend a bag every season (Although, I think bags is the "turning piece" in your outfit). I usually buy a bag, and use it for almost a year (ofcourse, switching with my older bags!). But that's not the case right now, I fell in the deepest hole of love with this Celine Spring 2012 envelope clutches, I mean just look at it. It is not the monogram bag I'd buy, it is not a bag, it is a clutch! I was never fond of the envelope clutches, I like "oversize" most of time (If you say the last sentence in a gangster way, it'll rhyme) and that is because I am tall, I always think I need a big bag to carry. I have loads of stuff to put and envelope clutches are usually thin. Anyways, if I ever find these clutches in Dubai or here (Abu Dhabi!), I think I'll get my hands on them! I personally liked the Orange and the Color block more than the Beige. I want to get one of the colored, but I have too many colors in my closet. Any thoughts?

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