Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Pretty Soaps

(I took the photo, I know I am no  Annie Leibovitz  but that's not the case)

What's better than pretty organic soaps? It was just all a coincidence when I was walking up and down the streets to reach Galata Tower that I found an Organic Beauty Store called HomeSpa. It has Soaps, oils, towels, and pretty much everything. I planned to go back to UAE with Turkish Soaps because they just smell so good. I wanted to take a little bit of everything. So, the cute thing about HomeSpa that their soaps comes in tiny sizes for 2 Lira which is 5 DHS. Good Price, huh?. Well I got 5 different kinds of soap, although all of them was made with Olive Oil. They are Peppermint, Cinnamon and I frankly can't remember the other 3. So, if you ever visit Istanbul, you can get the best soaps from HomeSpa next to Galata Tower. You can check their website if you're interested here!


Anonymous said...

and their GIFT WRAPPED! :D, soaps are my fav part of my own bathroom so thats a must-have !

Royalty said...

They are lovely, and they smell lovelier! Plus it's organic! Definitely a must have!