Friday, July 1, 2011

Khaleeji Time: CYKAS

You know how much I support Arab new and aspiring designers, and I always search endlessly of new designers. I just discovered this line "Can you keep a Secret?" by two Emaratis Reem Al Nuaimi & Roudha Khoory and they aim to bring something different and unique under the spotlight. "Can you keep a Secret?" aka CYKAS provides stylish and unique turbans. The young Emaratis are inspired by the 1900's era, and I'll tell you CYKAS turbans is one of the best I have seen. Wonderful, creative, and stylish designs.

The CYKAS turbans has been issued in Bazaar Arabia. So inspiring, I love it!

Also check out their official photoshoot!

" we think its important for a lady to complete her outfit with that loud statement keeping eyes wondering for more!"  They say.

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Anonymous said...

Love 'em! Where can I lay my hands on them??

Royalty said...

If you are in UAE, you can go to Dubai and find it with DAS Abayas ate the DAS store in Villa 16, Umm AL Sheif, Jumeirah 3,

If you are in Kuwait youcan find it in Walkin Closet boutique.

If you are not from the United Arab Emirates and are interested in purchasing a CYKAS turban, they do ship abroad and payment will be done through Western Union. Shipping prices may vary.
You can either contact them via email address requesting your order of choice of turban and in which colour, of if you have any further inquiries you may even SMS or contact them on any of the numbers below.
Roudha K: +97150-8804448
Reem Al N: +97150-2920292

Hope I helped ;D

Walkin Closet Boutique said...

We do have a limited edition turbans from CYKAS which specially made for Walkin Closet 1st anniversary.

Thank you Roudha and Reem Xx

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