Saturday, July 30, 2011

My Purchases from London ! - Shoes

Ahhh, I miss London already! But the good thing is I'm back here with the latest fahion news. Let's start with my latest purchases from London. You all know London is a place for all Fashionistas! I went cray-zay while shopping. Don't blame me, London is lovely with lovely stuff. Okay today let's talk shoes!!! You all know I am Shoe crazy! In London I got my hands on nice shoes, but they aren't something special, they are what I consider the "basics".

I bought two pairs of TOMS shoes from Selfridges at Office. I bought one sparkly grey one, and the other was grey with stripes at the sides. I wanted to buy the black sparkly shoes, but there wasn't my size. But I thought the grey ones looked good with jeans and it is so Michael Jackson!!

I saw some navy Lacoste shoes which I liked and it was also on sale! It is for school. :D

And those gorgeous Ankle boots I got from Miss Selfridges at Topshop!

EDIT: Oh sorry guys! I just noticed I didn't take the stuffings out of the shoes ;D

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Nouf said...

I wanted to buy the silver sparkly Tom's when in saw them while visiting m7mmed in NC back in Jan. Too bad I didn't even though I wanted them so bad! Don't know why I didn't, now I regret it :(