Saturday, August 6, 2011

LUSH Bubblegum Scrub: Tested, and loved it!

I am obsessed with keeping my lips so soft! I've tried home remedies, lip scrubs, and endless lip balms. One of the best scrubs I've tried is this LUSH scrub. It is a small round glass container, and comes in three different flavors. I don't recall what they were, but I bought the one with the bubblegum flavor. This scrub is MAGICAL. You take a little bit of the scrub, and scrub it against your lips, you wait for seconds then lick it all up (Pretty delicous!!). Now we get to the "magic" part, your lips will become as soft as bubblegum and cotton canady!. I was obsessed with the result. I don't know if it is the BEST scrub, but it does give great results and it is pretty cheap too!!!
LUSH in Dubai is in Deira City Center. I hate this mall, it's so boring! But I'll make a visit during the week for LUSH shopping!!!

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