Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Jewelry Love: My Recent Purchase

I am a Jewelry person (aren't we all?), and I really think that it is the accessories that change your outfit from "ehh" to "emmm". So, instead of just showing you the latest Jewelry lines and what I like, I'd like to show you what I buy and what I collect. Therefore from now own I'll write posts like that under the title "Jewelry Love".

Anyways, I came across this snake bracelet at BCBG. It is not clear but it is a thin gold serpent with swarovski and it has a big light purple gem at the front. It was for 95 DHS, which I consider a "cool" price especially that BCBG is considered a 'big' brand.

  Very cool to stack it with other bracelets, eh?


Muniaa said...

I love it! and it was only for 95 ?

Royalty said...

Thank youu!
Yup it was only for 95 DHS!