Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Daring Spikes from CCSkye!

Okay, I don't know why but these days I am all about jewelry. Recently, I was browsing CCSkye's website, a jewelry line I like. It is pretty popular here in Dubai, but if you don't know it .. It's a line based in Los Angeles, and according to "WWD" it is consistently ahead of the trends. And the designer is widely known for Hollywood's hottest "new" designer. 

I spotted those daring spike-y rings, and bracelet from their collection!! It is a nice thing to add to my wardrobe. I'll pair it up with my blazer and jeans and stack it with all my other bracelets and rings. (This sentence has so much "AND" excuse my grammar)


If you're intrested in CCSkye's jewelry visit here !

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