Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An interview with the fabolous Saudi artist/Fashion illustrator Mona Qahtani

"Mona Al-Qahtani born in Jubail Industrial City, Saudi Arabia 1st of December 1986. She is an emerging and experimental artist and Quilter. For many years she was experimenting with different techniques and mediums.

Mona currently lives and works on her projects in Jubail Industrial City, she has received a BA in Early Childhood Education. After her graduation she worked on several projects involving children and arts, the profits of these projects funded charity organization."

                                             Kate the Great by Mona Qahtani

Me: How did you start illustrating?
Mona: If by illustrating you are talking about the digital kind then i guess it started just to pass the time while waiting for an oil painting to dry or for a sketch to be ready. i thought its fun and i will not be needing any papers or wasting any colors.

                                                   Haute Muse Magazine by Mona Qahtani

Me: What inspires you and how would you describe your style?
Mona: Everything beautiful around me inspires me, and I love that I am experimenting different techniques and materials. No limitations, no rules I would like to think I’m a little bit of everything.

Me: I know that you have a website; can you tell us a little about it??
Mona: Yes, I named it Psychomagic because art is a psychological thing you can’t just hold a brush whenever you want to and just start painting you need to look deep inside of you seek inspiration and it will show in the piece when you’re done just like magic to people. They will get to feel what you felt and it will show in the colors and the strokes… psychomagical!

                                             True Blue True Iconic by Mona Qahtani

Me: What tips can you share on making a name for yourself as an illustrator?
Mona: Well I can’t allow myself to give any right now since I am just starting and getting to know this world I'm trying my best just to enjoy my art with no pressure.

Me: Any last words of advice for anyone just starting out as an illustrator?
Mona: Do not limit yourself, try all different things even if you fail just keep on trying and learn to accept criticism before you learn anything else, because criticism is your only way up!

                                                 Stormy Weather - Vogue by Mona Qahtani

Visit her website here !

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