Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Gloves from H&M

Remember my post about the gloves ? Well, I was just browsing on H&M's website, and I found a cute pair of leather lined gloves which is also very budget friendly. It comes in two colours as you see black and cognac brown. I don't know if they were special or anything, but it is definately classic. It can go with anything really, I am thinking a blazer? maybe.
They are just for 109 DHS only.

I also spotted a glove for all of you Fashion savy girls, Animal print gloves!! I am liking this one myself! Now this isn't classic as the one above, but it is definately trendy! Something for a night   out with the girls in December or January. (That's the only appropriate weather for me to wear a glove in UAE, lol yeah). These are for 79 DHS only, very budget friendly!! I need to get it soon!

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