Monday, May 9, 2011

S*uce House Of Holland Event

A couple of days ago Henry Holland came to S*uce in Dubai Mall to host a preview party for his line House of Holland AW 11/12. 
Designers, bloggers, and saucy buyers filled the room ! The event was very fun, exciting and stylish !

Take a look at the pictures !!

                  Zahra, The designer of Sugar Vintage Leila, and Zayan Ghandour

                                                               Maha & Alaa

In the words of S*uce "The Blog Squad"

Nadia Baker

Henry Holland and Zubaida Ali

Henry Holland & Hafsa Lodi

Somaiah & Sahar 

Sahar Farooq


Alistair & Diya

Two Beautiful Saucy Buyers

Mariah and Homman

Henry Holland 

Sonam, Camille, & Kate

Nadine Kanso

The Blog Squad (Including Dubai's Stylish Twins Alizay & Saanieh)

                                         House Of Holland AW 11/12 collection

Henry Holland 

The Delicous Treats


Mallika said...

Thanks for the photos :) Added them to my press page! I loved the event! x

Royalty said...

Oh Mallika ! It is nice to have you here !! :))
The event was indeed great ! (So it was told by my Fashion Buddies!)
I hope I see you on the next S*uce Event!!!

Alaa Balkhy said...

ooh i spotted myself!!
its was a lovely event <3 !!