Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Kate Middleton The new Fashion Icon

Kate Middleton the future queen, now became the new Fashion Icon in such a short period of time. She is known for her classy stylish and remarkable sense of style.

kate middleton Kate Middleton is Fashions New Star

Kate Middleton's Sapphire Issa Dress that she wore to announce her engagement to Prince William was also a fashion must have. As soon as the world got a glimpse of how beautiful Kate looked in the dress, everyone else wanted to follow suit. Only two days after Kate was seen wearing the Issa stunner, it was sold out in London and women were scrambling everywhere to find it. Soon after, Tesco, a retailer in the UK launched a replica version of the Issa dress and, within one hour, the dress was sold out online. Peacocks, another U.K.-based retailer, also released a version of the dress, which is now also sold out.

Soon after the announcement of the royal engagement came the official engagement photos. In the pictures Kate is pictured wearing a white Reiss dress from its fall collection. Reiss, because of the dress' newly found popularity, has decided to re-release it as a part of their spring 2011 line. Also, the earrings that Kate wore in the photos were the Links of London"Hope Egg earrings," are available for sale for $470. They would make the perfect present for any woman.

Plus, her hairstyle is also one of the top haircuts wanted in United Kingdom know as "The Kate". A source says "You can just ask for the Kate haircut in any salon in London". :)

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