Friday, May 6, 2011

Obsessing over Ibrah's Shoulder Pins

Ibrah is a label famous for it`s trendy and fashionable accessories based in Kuwait.
The name Ibrah, which means "sewing needle in Arabic" emphasize the importance of this tiny tool in completing any garment or an accessory. Most of Ibrah's work are handmade and they are produced in a very small quantity, which makes them unique and one of a kind.

I fell inlove with their Shoulder pins from Feather Collection, check out my favorite !

Ibrah's products are available in:

Fortune Cookie Boutique - Olympia Mall

Melange Boutique - 360 Mall - Kuwait
Online stores:

+ They have Ibrah T-shirts available in S*uce - Dubai !!! :)


LadyB said...

I got the beigy ones, soo cute!
I love them, can't wait for her new collection too bad all of the shoulder brooches are sold out :/

Royalty said...

The last brooche? I Love them.
Yeahh too bad :(