Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Lunch at Burger Fuel

So, a couple of days ago one of my relatives told me to go try a burger at Burger Fuel a New Zealand fast food restaurant. I went to the Burger Fuel at The Walk - Dubai. The restaurant was designed for Monster Truck drivers which I liked because I actually consider it as an "exotic" restaurant - for Dubai -. Iwas pretty hungry so I ordered the "BF Monster" A burger with almost everything in - even Mango ! Well I know you would think - ewww - but I wanted try something different and I thought of trying a burger with Mango ! I also ordered potatos -It doesn't come with the burger- and Coke! They got me the burger in a paper bag and the potatos in a like a mini Popcorn box. Very monstrous?! Haha.  The burger was delicous but I was full after the first bite !!

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