Thursday, May 26, 2011

I made Truffles - YAY !

Well, I am a pretty bad cook. I am very bad with food - except eating it afcourse -. At Wednesday, one of my close friends brought for us Truffles, and they were delicous ! She told me the recipe wich is
-Oreos (The original one)
- & Galaxy
She told me to break the oreas and melt the butter and mix them together in a processor - is that what the electronic mixer called? -
and then melt the galaxy and scoop some over every oreo ball.
Sorry if this is Upside down :P

It didn't turned out as good as my friend's afcourse ! But it is edible ! My friend told me because I used the caramel oreos and a lot of Butter !! which made it a bit salty and quite hard !
But I really did love my first "dish" - If I can call it that - !
I never succeeded in any of my cooks ! They all ended up in the trash, but this ended up in our stomachs !! :P

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