Friday, February 10, 2012

The Robinson Gusset Bag in Bright Orange

Yes, again with a bag post. I was in Tory Burch in Dubai Mall the other day, and I saw this bag above. I really liked it on me, it looks timeless and it is very simple. It has a classic cut yet the bright orange color makes it look very modern. I checked it on the Tory Burch website and it actually comes in black and camel. I only saw the Orange, but I wasn't searching for any other color because I liked this one. So you may find it in other colors. 
I think it costs less than a 2,000 DHS, though I can't remember the exact price. Anyways, it is a good price for a well-known brand. 


Anonymous said...

I was just looking at this bag in black. Is it a good size in real life? Well-made? I was looking online. I've been so pleased with my TB shoes/sandals. Thx.

Royalty said...

Yes, it is. I really like it. I think it is a good investment piece since the bag has very classic timeless cut to it.