Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ombre Nails, A Beauty Trend

Let's start 2012 with a beauty talk *wink*
To tell you the truth, I am no nail polish freak, but the Ombre Nail Trend for 2012 is not something I will pass.  Oh my, and I thought metallics is the best things on nails. I can't wait to try those!

Ombre Nail Color done on each nail

I've seen many color combos, green and black, grey and white, nude and purple, nude and black, but I like the black and blue combinations the most. 
Anyways, I was on Youtube for How To Tutorials , and I found this video which turns out to be very helpful.
I will try this trend very soon, but when I get back to the UAE and meet my Nail Polishes. :D 


fionkafied said...

The first photo is gorgeous! ♥

Royalty said...

I liked that too. You can do that by applying a nude coat then when it dries you apply the purple and when it is wet you flick it so it looks like kind of inky.
Hope I helped :D

Anonymous said...

Im not a fan of this, i feel its a bit gaga but idk maybe in future ill risk my nails for this nail polish, its worth a trial :)

Royalty said...

Really? Well give it a try!
I am going to try and Orange+Hot Pink combo!

Sevan said...

love these! definitely want to try them myself
lovely post xx

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