Saturday, January 7, 2012

I want a Backpack

I fell head over heels when I first saw The Row Alligator backpack on Fashion Police a couple of months ago. The bad news is I have to sell my kidney to get one, and even when I get the $35,000 I'd rather buy a flat. Thank You Very Much. I mean just like Joan said I would never buy this bag unless I have the $34,820 change in the bag. Although, I'd have to admit it is the perfect backpack. 

I know The Row has the same backpack in leather. It isn't as much of a Fashion Statement as the one above, but it is beautiful too. I've seen it in three colors, Beige, Olive Green, and Black. I can't seem to find the Beige backpack on Google though. I really do like the leather version, and the good news is I don't have to sell my Kidney to purchase one! Maybe, someday I can get my hands on one of these babies. Who knows?

Photo Credit: All from Google or from my Pictures Folder. :D


AlRamsah said...

loved the backpack in the first pic its definite for school wear, but yah i gotta sell my kidneys too just to get my hands on this shiny aligator-leathered backpack :)

Royalty said...

I actually want this backpack as a bag I'll wear out. :D Different than anything else people wear ;P