Sunday, February 27, 2011

Trendy clothes for Spring found in ZARA. :)

In UAE spring is very close and our spring is a VERY short period, we quickly get burned by summer's hot weather ;). Anyways, I was browsing ZARA's web a couple of hours ago and I found a lot of cute trendy clothes for Spring (which can also be worn in summer!!).
Here is the pieces I liked:

A printed kimono.
If you have seen my Spring 2011 trends you would know kimonos and a whole lot of eastern pieces are considered trendy. This soft kimono can be worn with a mini dress and ankle wedges or a nice pleated trouses/skinny jeans with anke wedges too. It could be accessorized with a nice clutch or caryall bag.

Studio Blazer:
I love Hot pink! It is a bold color and bold colors is totaly "in" for not only this spring but it is considered fashionable all year long!
A blazer can be worn with anything :)

 Lace Dress:
This dress is just so beautiful! I love it !
Although, I wouldn't personally wear it like that! I would wear it with a Carryall bag and T-bar flats or I think it will look nice with a thong sandal.
Pleated Skirt
A nice bold skirt can be worn with any top as usual it could be printed (florals), lace, or even crochets.

So, did you like anything??? :)


*Nad* said...

Liked the 1st and 2nd ones..

LadyB said...

I loved the blazer, but not found at zara yet :(

Royalty said...

Yeahh, I Knoww..