Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I am loving TOMS!!

I personally love TOMS idea of when buying a pair of shoes you would donate one to a child in need, but honestly TOMS aren't fashionable. So, How can you wear them?
Well my rule number 1 (and only rule!)
I never wear something too fashion forward or too dressy and pair it up with TOMS because that looks a bit retarted. TOMS is made for comfort and good cause so you have to wear it with something comfortable.

I want this classic navy one :)

Womens Navy Canvas Classics TOMS Shoes Side

and the Glitter-y grey one :)
Womens Silver Glitters TOMS Shoes Side



Brianna said...

But what if you can't afford TOMS?

Royalty said...

Well you don't have to buy TOMS really, that is just what I like. I mean you can save up if you really want to or check Ebay. I have seen some TOMS look alike in Converse, but on the side it is like a net and visible. It is really cool.
Anyways, I hope I helped.