Thursday, March 22, 2012

Introducing the TOMS Eyewear

I've got the shoes, and now I've got to get the shades!

TOMS wins the imaginary "FashandMe" Oscar for being the best in the field of "Fashion for a Cause"*rounds of applause*. TOMS launched his first eye wear line last year, and it is getting more popular by the second. From the women's collection, I really liked the Classic 102. They are pretty much like the Wayfarer sunglasses, but it makes it so special that when you buy one pair, you will help a person in need. TOMS will donate money to help a person with sight problems by medical treatment, glasses, or even surgery. Check out the Classic 102 shades below.   


(Photo Source: Google)

P.S London College of Fashion will be collaborating with TOMS ! 

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Anonymous said...

i LOVE toms!