Thursday, June 16, 2011

Khaleejesque: Twenty/Ten

I'm Back !

Currently, I am obsessing over a Kuwaiti line by one of my favorites lookbookers A.K.F .  A.K.F launched her stylish and bold line "Twenty/Ten" last year. She creates awesome (custom made) ripped tops which is my favortie piece from her line! I also saw cute blazers (Some with spikes!) and trendy statement necklaces ! (If you're in Kuwait) You can go raid her line in 52 degrees, a new boutique in Kuwait ! For the others who can't, let's just cross our fingers and hope she will have an online shop !

(Photo Credit: 52 Degrees Blog)

I reccomend that you stalk A.K.F on Lookbook Here ! She is a style icon !

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