Thursday, June 9, 2011

Khaleejesque: Darmaki

DARMAKI, a luxurious footwear couturier, is launching its debut collection in Spring 2011. Created by the Emarati Sultan Al Darmaki.
 DARMAKI combines artistic and cultural influences with the excellence of superior Italian manufacturing.

Check out Sultan's collection !

This collection is unique, stylish, and trendy. I love it !
Here is a couple of his other shoes!

I love this black heels !!!

I think this Shoe line is the next big thing in the Fashion Industry ! Well, all what we have to do is wait and see !!


DARMAKI said...

Thank you for the lovely post


Royalty said...

My Pleasure, I would love to share your pictures on my blog :)
Thank you for you beautiful shoes!