Sunday, April 10, 2011

Magnolia Bakery's Red Velevet

Whenever I am at Dubai Mall, I always pass by Bloomingdales and never go try their delicous looking cupcakes. So, a couple of days ago I tried the yummy red velevet cupcake. Honestly, I think it is the yummiest most delicous red velvet on Earth ! I ate red velvet cupcakes before, but I never tasted the cake the cream usually is what I tasted unlike this cupcake which I tasted everything! It is so delicous ! I feel like eating another one! I got 2 red velvet cupcakes for me and my mommy. It came in a white box with Magnolia Bakery written on top. I also saw recipe books on How to do a Magnolia Cupcake. I am thinking of buying one.


♥Amal said...

I always get some cupcakes from there when I go to Dubai Mall. They are sooo delicious!

LadyB said...

I love itttt!
Quite delicious !