Friday, March 4, 2011

Obsessing Over Maxi Skirts

Maxi Skirts is now the new popular trend, It is also a trend for this Spring and Summer. I love Maxi skirts, I think of it as the new better looking Harem pants. You can wear Maxi Skirts with anything and anytime. If you were lazy you can wear a busy Maxi skirt and tuck it with a peasant shirt or a Tank top. I am a Muhajabee so I would wear a neutral Maxi Skirt, Assymetrical (another neutral shade) shirt with a belt, a nice cardigan with an oversized bag. If I am in a good mood, and I would like to wear something nice. I would tuck a shirt in, wear it with a nice oversized belt, and a statement necklace to make the outift more special.

Now, I have seen a cute Maxi Skirt in ZARA...But I am waiting for more better looking ones.

Have you seen maxi skirts that looks better than that???

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Miss Elm said...

I am obsessing over maxi's aswell but i dont know if i could get away with them, without ending up looking very stumpy. Zara have one at the moment the "accordion pleat".
hhmm i will mull it over some more!
Emma (