Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dieting?Ew, Change your lifestyle?Okay

Okay it is winter, and for me I always gain weight at winter. We all need to get in shape for summer so let's not diet this year ... Let's change our lifestyle!

1)Drink Water instead of Juices and Soda/Fizzy drinks
If you get sick of drinking water drink Iced Tea better than a Soda.
Let's reduce the amount of drinking these toxic stuff!

2)Cut out the sugar
Yup you read it ! No more sugar...well let's just reduce the amount of the chocolates and eat more fruits!!

3)Bye Bye Starches
Let's get rid of the pasta for real people !
Just eat brown bread, rice & oatmeal. (A hard one but worth it)

4) The Snacks
You have to have snakcs ! Like Low Fat Youghurt, cherry tomatoes, low fat string cheese, and unsalted/natural nuts.
Now remember to not do all steps all in one day !
For each step it needs 2 weeks !!!!! Good Luck ! :)

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