Friday, November 18, 2011

My Bad Luck in Versace for H&M collection!

I was so excited for the launch of the Versace for H&M collection. I was counting the months and the days till November 17. After, I saw the collection online, I wasn't so impressed with the "Miami" prints or the accessories. I was hoping on the men's pink suit and shoes, because if you remember I was dying for a candy color suit!! Today, I arrived to H&M and people were still grabbing everything in sight. I skipped the women's collection, and went looking for the male's collection. Sadly, I didn't find the pink suit or shoes! I actually thought men in Dubai weren't as fashionable as anywhere in the world and they would actually leave me a pink blazer and pink oxfords at least! I am the one to blame! Next time, if there is any other collaboration I would probably camp outside the shop. For now, I'll be looking for a pink suit.


B said...

awww! I got the pink shirt. I wanted the blazer too but I could only find big sizes..:(

Royalty said...

I wanted the blazer and the shoes more than anything!! I didn't like anything else except there were some couple of skirts I liked, but I didn't find that either.